About Us

Clear White Smile(CWS) is a superpower. And we can give it to you.

CWS started out with one simple goal: to make teeth whitening easy, affordable and effective so that everyone can have the confidence that comes with a dazzling smile, without the hassle and expense that goes hand-in-hand with traditional dentist procedures.

Over the past ten years and a bunch of product tweaks, we think we’ve nailed the perfect, fuss-free formula to give you sparkling teeth.

Here at CWS, we’ve made it our business to perfect the art of at-home teeth whitening, using our ultimate, pain-free formula, a super-simple method and a perfect price, so you can whiten your smile while focusing on the more important things in life. Like reality tv and pizza.

We’re proud to be the number one at-home teeth whitening brand in Australia. We’ve whitened thousands of teeth, and have just as many happy customers, so we know what works, which means you can trust us to give you the best smile of your life.

And, because we’re all about looking after your teeth as well, we’ve also made an incredible, remineralizing Enamel Booster which uses the perfect formulation of fluoride and calcium to keep your teeth strong, which we recommend using whether you’re whitening your teeth or not.